If only we got £1 for every time someone asked that…


We’ve given away hundreds of prizes, worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, to hundreds of people – every prize is guaranteed to be won by someone.

You can see some of our recent winners HERE and you can read legitimate Trustpilot reviews from some of them HERE too.

What’s more, our ticket numbers are randomly allocated. So it doesn’t matter if you buy your tickets at the begining, end or half way through a competition, your numbers will always be completely random.

Our winners are picked using Google’s random number generator (to find the winning ticket number), which is done LIVE on Facebook – so there is no way we can fix it!

To see how this works, you can re-watch our previous draws on our Facebook page HERE.

Plus, all our tools are 100% brand new and genuine. And all vans are fully health checked by a commercial vehicle specialist before being listed.

So in summary, stop worrying, we’re 100% legit and completely transparent.

The business is completely owned and run by 3 mates; Josh, Neil and Dan (you can check companies house HERE if you don’t believe me).

Josh is usually the guy you’ll see doing the live draws, manages our social media and looks after our winners.

Dan (it’s me writing this) sometimes does the live draws (when Josh is on holiday!), but is mostly the geek in the background managing the website and marketing.

Neil is the one you’ll never see doing a live draw, as apparently he’s camera shy – you might get a little peak of him in the background sometimes! But, if you’re a lucky winner, you’ll speak to him as he arranges all our postage/logistics and sources the prizes.


All our competitions (even the vans) include free delivery to anywhere in the UK, so it doesn’t matter where you are.

In fact, we’ve had to send a van from our site in Norfolk, all the way to tip of Scotland before (ouch!).

To prove the competitions aren’t fixed in any way, we use Google’s random number generator to pick our winning numbers.

For complete transparency, we always do this LIVE on Facebook too. So there’s no dodgy fixing going on.

For example, if we have a competition that has 200 tickets available. We set Google to pick a random number for us between 1 and 200.

If we didn’t sell all the tickets and Google gives us a ticket number that hasn’t been sold, we repeat the process until we get a number that has been sold – so there’s always a winner, guaranteed.

You can re-watch our previous live draws on our Facebook page HERE, if you want to get a better feel for how it works.

Yes, we ALWAYS pick a winner, regardless of how many tickets we sell.

If we don’t sell all the tickets on a competition, it’s great news for you. As it means there is a smaller pool of people to pick a winner from, so you’ve got a better chance of being picked!

If we pick a ticket number that hasn’t be sold to anyone during the live draw, we simply draw another random number until we get one that’s been purchased.

Yes, i know, we’re called Win Vans and there might not be a van competition live at the moment…

The truth is, the van competitions take a HUGE number of ticket sales just to break even.

As much as we’d like to do more, we are still growing, so we’re not able to do them super often – yet!

However, we’re aiming to start running a van competition at least once per month soon.

But we need your support to get there!

People often think if they wait until close to the end of the competition they’ll get “better” numbers.

But, that’s an absolute load of rubbish.

Our ticket numbers are completely randomly allocated, so you can get a high or low number at any time.

For example; if we had a competition that had 200 tickets available.

You might buy 3 tickets right at the start.

But that does NOT mean you’ll get ticket numbers 1,2 and 3.

You could be allocated 14, 186 and 83 – it’s totally random!

I wish we did!

But, you’ve probably sat there with a calculator and multiplied how much the tickets cost by how many we’re selling.

You’ve probably then thought “Wow! That’s a lot of money, these guys must be raking it in!”.

But the truth is, there’s LOADS of costs and fees to run this business, which all come out of ticket revenue. Plus, if we run a competition that doesn’t sell many tickets, we have to suck that up too!

Obviously, we are running this business to make a few quid. But we’re not diving into our swimming pools full of cash at the end of the day, like people think.

Yes, they’re all absolutely brand new.

You won’t find any refurbs, or dodgy knock off gear here!

We operate the business from a commercial site in Diss, Norfolk.

But our registered office is in Needham Market, Suffolk (for admin reasons).

However, that makes absolutely no difference to you. As we include free delivery with all our prizes to anywhere in the UK, so it doesn’t matter where you are!

No you don’t have to, but it’s more exciting if you do!

We always contact our winners directly via phone/email, so you won’t miss out, even if you don’t watch the draw.

It’s really important you’ve added the correct phone number and email address in your Win Vans account, as that’s what we’ll use to contact you!


Yes! There’s no limit on how many of our competitions you can win.

In fact, we’ve had several of our regular players win 2 or more times – that just proves our odds are decent!

The easiest way to find out is to watch our live draw on Facebook.

The date and time of the live draw is shown on each competition page, so you’ll always be able to find out when it is, for the competition you’ve entered.

But, don’t worry if you can’t tune in, as we always contact our winners directly anyway.

That’s why it’s REALLY important you make sure the email address and phone number on your Win Vans account is correct, as that’s what we’ll use to contact you if you’ve won!